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From Eli Marmor <>
Date Fri, 19 Nov 1999 13:26:14 GMT

Is there any benchmark or statistics about how faster is Apache with
writev in comparison to without it?  (i.e. a normal compilation under
a platform supporting writev, vs. a compilation with "-DNO_WRITEV").

If there is no official benchmark, can anybody estimate the difference
(in percents) under a typical use of Apache?  Does it depend on the
type of use (static pages vs. dynamic, SSI and other parsings vs. one
block, etc.)?  Or the other bottlenecks? (it makes sense that when
your connection to the client is slow, you will not notice the
difference between writing 2 buffers in two system calls or in one).

If there is a big difference, does it mean that Apache for non-writev 
platforms (such as SCO, BeOS and Tandem) is slower and that these
platforms are not recommended for Apache users?

On the other hand, if the difference is very small (let's say lower
than 1%), maybe the benefits don't deserve the price (a much more
complex code, especially when the non-writev code must be supported
also in the future because of the non-writev platforms).

Eli Marmor

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