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From Ovies Brabson <>
Subject [PATCH]Apache 1.3.9 Port to OS/390 Unix System Services
Date Fri, 19 Nov 1999 00:21:48 GMT
> > Here's a patch to port the apache 1.3.9 code base to run on Unix System
> > Services on OS/390.  We've done some basic testing and things appear
> Interesting.  I had just started to do this myself.  You seem to have
> proceeded well ahead of me.  Are you doing this informally, or as part
> of your daytime job?  :-)
Actually, a small group of us contributed to this effort as part of our
daytime job.  We were looking at the feasability of porting apache to Unix
System Services on OS/390.  Once we had it working, we thought we might
contribute it to so that others could benefit from it and contribute
to its evolution.  My colleagues on this effort have been Yao-Pi Chen,
Greg Ames, Munaf Patel, Robert Distelberg, John Thompson, and Manoj

> Have you any plans to announce this on the mvs-oe list?  Over the past
> couple years, that list has entertained several questions about
> apache availability.
We had not thought of this.  Sounds like a good idea.  We don't
currently have any plans to announce this on the mvs-oe list.  If the
patch gets accepted by the apache org, we may put something on that
mailing list.

> > to work for the most part.  We'd like to get it out there for others to
> > try
> > and provide feedback.
> >
> I'm most eager to try it.

> > Besides the unified diff file showing the changes to existing files on
> > the apache tree, I am including the files in the new src/os/os390
> > directory.  The files in this directory are basically the same as those
> > in src/os/bs2000 with some small mods for OS/390.
> >
> I had been agonizing over whether to create a new src/os/os390 or
> to add conditional compilation to src/os/bs2000.
> > To facilitate transferring the apache tree from the web to an OS/390

> > ebcdic system, a new shell script was written.  The shell script is
> > called  It will de-compress the compressed archive and will
> > extract the files from the archive while applying ascii to ebcdic
> > translation.
> I had been mostly relying on pax to do this:
> o Unpack with:
>     gunzip EBCDIC
> conversion.  I wonder whether it would be better to perform the translation
> at "make install" time, or even to provide a facility for the server to
> deal with a shared html tree containing a mixture of binary and text files.
The shell script included as part of the patch uses pax to do the
translation.  It does something very similar to what you show here.  I
just thought I'd automate the procedure of decompression, extraction and
translation a bit.

> Finally, let me introduce myself:  I've been lurking on this list for only
> a few days.  Previously, I've ported the Lynx WWW client to OS/390; it's
> incorporated in the regular Lynx distribution.  I'm a fairly regular
> contributor to the lynx-dev list, and a regular contributor (and somewhat
> a gadfly) on the mvs-oe list.
Nice to meet you.  I'm a developer at IBM.  My experience on OS/390 is
primarily from working as part of the VTAM development team in the
past.  I primarily have experience with data communications protocols
such as SNA and TCP/IP.  I've worked on a variety of operating systems
including MVS, AIX, and OS/2.  I'm a newcomer to this open source

> Thanks for your Unix Services efforts,
You're welcome.


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