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From Ovies Brabson <>
Subject [PATCH]Apache 1.3.9 Port to OS/390 Unix System Services
Date Thu, 18 Nov 1999 21:13:34 GMT
> Oops.  Some mailer seems to have wrapped lines. (Mine usually doesn't
> to this.)  This will cause problems patching.
Sorry.  I'm afraid I caused this problem.  I'll send a new copy of the
patch with this fixed.  I'll
send the new copy of the patch when I address some of the problems that
have been raised.

> BTW, the "patch" distributed with OS/390 can't handle unified diffs;
> this patch would be more useful to 390philes in "diff -c" format.
I was told that unified diff is what is preferred by the apache org.
However, you are correct
that the documentation out on the web page does say to use "diff -c".

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