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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: UDP support?
Date Tue, 09 Nov 1999 12:49:26 GMT
David Williams wrote:
> Ryan, I would be interested in more info.  I haven't looked at the
> APR, and I suppose I need to get a pointer to the new development code
> base.  I understand the need to add reliability to UDP, and I would be
> doing that for my application.  The HTTP/1.1 rfc doesn't require that
> HTTP be ran over TCP, just that the transport layer be reliable, so I
> was wondering if someone had successfully implemented an alternative
> transport layer.
> I want to leverage the reliability, portability, 3rd party modules,
> cgi interface, TCP transport, etc. that exists in Apache as a basis to
> build a new service.   But I also want UDP capability.
> With apache 1.3.9, my concern is that adding UDP support would not be
> trival because of the process model where a pool of child processes
> are blocking on a call to accept(), the conn_rec, and lower level I/O
> routines.  All of which presume a process will only communicate with a
> single client over a single TCP connection.  Does 2.0 help any here?

2.0 is supposed to be more independent of transport and protocol, though
whether it is independent enough for you depends on what you want!
Perhaps you should explain more clearly what support you need, or take a
look and see what you don't get.

I'm interested in pursuing this somewhat.




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