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From John Zedlewski <zedlw...@Princeton.EDU>
Subject [PATCH] Sendfile() for Linux
Date Sun, 07 Nov 1999 07:30:08 GMT
Well, there was no sendfile() code for Unix/Linux in the CVS, so I went ahead
and adopted the WinNT TransmitFile() work over to Linux.  Making it portable to
FreeBSD will take one or two little changes, but the API semantics are almost
the same.  The biggest problem, as Mr. Stoddard suggested, is that, while
TransmitFile and sendfile seem very similar, the two functions have somewhat
different needs in terms of performance tuning.  I haven't done any profiling
on this yet, so we'll see how it actually plays out.  I also have a
sendfile() patch against 1.3.9, if anybody wants it.

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