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From Ian <>
Subject Re: using ACE for the APR layer WAS Re: fyi: Cosm Project
Date Mon, 08 Nov 1999 21:10:07 GMT
At 01:17 PM 11/08/1999 -0500, Ryan Bloom wrote:
>Yes, I looked at ACE not long after returning from Linux Expo much earlier
>this year.  It was the one in March I think.  ACE has some nice features,
>but it doesn't fit what we want.
>ACE is completely written in C++, which has stirred up more than one
>discussion on this list. 

true.. so it kinda rules it out then does it?

> It is also MUCH more than Apache needs, for
>example all the CORBA stuff.  And it doesn't have everything we need, for
>example the ability to call native API's.
ACE doesn't have CORBA, there is a product called 'TAO' which uses 'ACE'
which is the
CORBA orb. 

as far The native APIs goes, they do the same thing APR is going to do,
they wrap them up 
with and depending on the OS you compile against it will use the
corresponding ones.

they also have ACE::OS which has some OS specific things in it. (I
think..its been a while)

>The biggest strike against it was the C++.  It has been almost a year
>since I really looked at ACE though, so I can't remember the exact reason
>for not using it instead of creating APR.  If you really want me to, I
>could download a newer version, and look at it again.

instead of downloading it, you may want to pose the Question on the ACE
newsgroup, with your
of course, if there is a Zero chance for C++, then it is a moot point.

>On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Ian wrote:
>> At 10:02 AM 11/08/1999 -0500, Ryan Bloom wrote:
>> >
>> Since people are looking at APR, and generalizing the API to which you talk
>> to different
>> OS's. has anyone had a look The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE)
>> ( to achieve this? 
>> >From what I see:
>> 	a) it runs on multiple platforms already NT, OS/390, linux, some Real Time
>> Os's
>> 	   and of course unix
>> 	b) The licence seems to be right (not LGPL, GPL) 
>> 		"In particular, you can use ACE and TAO in proprietary software and are
>> under no obligation to 
>> 		redistribute any of your source code that is built using ACE and TAO.
>> Note, however, that you
>> 		may not do anything to the ACE and TAO code, such as copyrighting it
>> yourself or claiming 
>> 		authorship of the ACE and TAO code, that will prevent ACE and TAO from
>> being distributed 
>> 		freely using an open source development model. "
>> 	c) It is FAST. They use this as a basis for a realtime CORBA ORB.
>> 	d) It has a very active developer base already. 
>> >Adam contacted me directly, and I have replied to his concerns about APR
>> >privately.  When he and I come to a conclusion about what APR is and what
>> >Cosm is and where they intersect, I will post a response to Cosm.  
>> >
>> >My basic feeling after looking through the code briefly is that Cosm is
>> >not designed for use as portability layer where performance is important,
>> >or where large groups of non-core members are going to use it (i.e. module
>> >writers).  That is after only an hour of reading through small pieces of
>> >the code, and I may be wrong, so I want to get Adam's response to my
>> >concerns before I go into more detail here.
>> >
>> >Ryan
>> >
>> >On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>> >
>> >> I met Adam L. Beberg at the MIT's TR100 event and he mentioned that
>> >> they were working on a portability layer for the Cosm project (software
>> >> that grew out of his work at  The code license isn't
>> >> suitable for Apache at the current time, but some people here might
>> >> be interested in his work.  Below is his comments on APR after I
>> >> where to look for our 2.0 stuff.
>> >> 
>> >> ....Roy
>> >
>> >
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