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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject APR leaking HAVE_* macros
Date Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:06:27 GMT
A number of APR header files are #including apr_config.h and leaking
the HAVE_* macros from autoconf. They are clashing with the HAVE_
macros that will be present in Apache once the autoconf scripts are

Why is this #include necessary? I would think that APR's include files
should have no dependancies on the particular machine, and those
macros pollute the namespace of the application.

In fact, why are any of the system includes (i.e. sys/types.h)
necessary in the user-visible include files? I would think they should
confined to APR-internal .c or .h files.

Other than the warnings from this, compiles using autoconf or
src/Configure are working fine for me.

Manoj Kasichainula -
IBM, Apache Development

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