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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject [PATCH] pre-pre-pre-alpha autoconf work
Date Tue, 23 Nov 1999 00:26:59 GMT
I've finished a very rough draft of autoconf for Apache 2.0. It's
sitting in:

For the moment, it sits right on top of the existing 2.0 tree. To
build with it, untar it in the src directory. Then build APR ("cd
lib/apr; autoheader; autoconf; ./configure; make"), then build Apache

./buildconf; ./configure --with-mpm=MPMNAME; make

I only tested it with dexter, but it ought to work with mpmt_pthread.
It won't work yet for prefork, because prefork doesn't have its
configuration script written yet, but I may add that one later today.

This is only infrastructure, and rough infrastructure at that. There
are almost no checks added yet for the various functions and headers
that Apache needs; that's the next step. Right now, in fact,
everything is still #including ap_config.h. You also can't choose
which modules are loaded, or make any of them into DSOs. That can
happen after the restructuring of the source tree.

Next, I'll populate each subdirectory with the checks for functions
and headers that it needs, and eliminate most of ap_config.h as a
necessity for the autoconf configurer.

I'd like to see general comments on this. Is it the right thing to do?
Are the strategies used reasonable? Comments that would result in
serious fundamental changes would be especially welcome, since it
would be a PITA to make those changes a month from now.

Here's how I'd like to proceed:

- Hear comments from at least a couple of people on this, and tidy
  some things up

- Hopefully commit before Thursday, because having it sit in an
  external tarball is a pain, and complicates contributions from the
  rest of the group.  Note: these scripts don't interfere with the
  other configuration mechanisms, so nothing should break

- More cleanup

- Restructure the Apache source tree to make some things far easier,
  e.g. per-module configuration. If it's easy, hack the old
  configuration system to handle the new structure (which I don't
  think will be substantially different)

- Once/if we're all confident that autoconf is working out, delete the
  old configuration code.

Speak up!

Manoj Kasichainula -
IBM, Apache Development

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