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Subject Re: [PATCH]Apache 1.3.9 Port to OS/390 Unix System Services
Date Tue, 16 Nov 1999 14:56:18 GMT
In a recent note, Ovies Brabson said:

> Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 22:46:34 -0800
> Here's a patch to port the apache 1.3.9 code base to run on Unix System
> Services on OS/390.  We've done some basic testing and things appear

Interesting.  I had just started to do this myself.  You seem to have
proceeded well ahead of me.  Are you doing this informally, or as part
of your daytime job?  :-)

Have you any plans to announce this on the mvs-oe list?  Over the past
couple years, that list has entertained several questions about
apache availability.

> to work for the most part.  We'd like to get it out there for others to
> try
> and provide feedback.
I'm most eager to try it.

> Besides the unified diff file showing the changes to existing files on
> the apache tree, I am including the files in the new src/os/os390
> directory.  The files in this directory are basically the same as those
> in src/os/bs2000 with some small mods for OS/390.
I had been agonizing over whether to create a new src/os/os390 or
to add conditional compilation to src/os/bs2000.

> To facilitate transferring the apache tree from the web to an OS/390
> ebcdic system, a new shell script was written.  The shell script is
> called  It will de-compress the compressed archive and will
> extract the files from the archive while applying ascii to ebcdic
> translation.

I had been mostly relying on pax to do this:

o Unpack with:

    gunzip <apache_1.3.9.tar.gz |
        pax -rv -o to=IBM-1047

  The "-o to=IBM-1047" is needed to convert the ASCII archive
  to EBCDIC.  You must not download as a text file; the conversion
  must be performed after the uncompress.

    case "`uname -s`" in
        *OS/390*) cat apache_1.3.9.tar.gz;;
               *) /pub/ccmdbs/NCS_20/bin/cl_iconv -t IBM-1047 ../apache_1.3.9.tar.gz;;
            esac |
        gunzip |
        pax -rv \
            apache_1.3.9/htdocs/apache_pb.gif \
            apache_1.3.9/htdocs/manual/images \
            apache_1.3.9/icons \

The genuine nuisance is that I'm sharing my source tree between OS/390 and
Solaris, relying on the OS/390 NFS client to perform ASCII<->EBCDIC
conversion.  I wonder whether it would be better to perform the translation
at "make install" time, or even to provide a facility for the server to
deal with a shared html tree containing a mixture of binary and text files.

Finally, let me introduce myself:  I've been lurking on this list for only
a few days.  Previously, I've ported the Lynx WWW client to OS/390; it's
incorporated in the regular Lynx distribution.  I'm a fairly regular
contributor to the lynx-dev list, and a regular contributor (and somewhat
a gadfly) on the mvs-oe list.

Thanks for your Unix Services efforts,

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