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From (Vinod Mehra)
Subject Re: Resolving ebmedded image references in an HTML page
Date Fri, 12 Nov 1999 00:52:32 GMT
I am sorry that was a typo.

The image reference is servletimages/trans.gif without
the leading"/".

img src=servletimages/trans.gif

Sorry about that. So the problem still remains open.


At 04:34 PM 11/11/99 -0800, Greg Stein wrote:
>On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Vinod Mehra wrote:
>> and then passes it back to the client.  The image references are not
>> getting resolved.
>> eg. my request is like:
>>     GET <my-tag>/acommand HTTP/1.1
>> This returns an html page with an image refernce : for
>> /servletimages/trans.gif
>Is that the actual reference? With a leading "/" on it?
>If so, then that is how the web works! It means the reference is relative
>to the server, rather than the request-URI. Drop the leading "/" and the
>web browser should construct the final request properly.
>I'd recommend reading up on "relative URIs (URLs)" and "absolute URIs
>(URLs)" somewhere. No references right now, but any basic authoring book
>should discuss them.
>However, if you typoed and that leading "/" is *not* there, then I dunno.
>Your code looks fine.
>Greg Stein,

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