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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject [PATCH] suexec for 2.0
Date Wed, 03 Nov 1999 05:36:05 GMT
Attached is a patch that adds suexec support to Apache 2.0. I tried to
keep the Unix-specific stuff, i.e. just about everything, out of the
server core. To accomplish that, it adds a module: mod_suexec. The new
module is to allow us to maintain the per-server user and group
configuration without touching http_config.c and server_rec. mod_cgi
calls ap_create_privileged_process() in mod_suexec, which then calls

It also changes suexec to do a uid lookup like it does a gid lookup
right now. Is there a reason suexec doesn't support numbered uids?
Please audit that change for security.

It'd probably be better to push the mod_suexec functionality into
unixd, but this was a simpler first step.

The only function that isn't supported from 1.3 is suExec from users'
home directories. I want to add this by allowing mod_userdir to add an
entry to the notes table which mod_suexec can pick up.


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