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From Chris Costello <>
Subject Re: APR all in one lib?
Date Mon, 01 Nov 1999 23:35:19 GMT
On Mon, Nov 01, 1999, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> If you build a all-in-one library out of sub-libraries as the global step in
> the Makefile, this is trivial.  Just use the approach GNU shtool's arx command
> does.  Just _merge_ the lib<sublib>.a's into a single libapr.a as the final
> top-level step. Then you don't have to change anything in the sub-Makefiles.
> Alternatively you can use OpenSSL's approach and just insert the objects
> immediately into the top-level libapr.a from _within_ the sub-Makefiles.
> That's medium-complex. The most complex (related to maintaining) approach is
> to build the libapr.a inside the top-Makefile from all objects in the sub
> areas. I wouldn't recommend you this.

   Building them by utilizing sub-Makefiles is trivial, and is
similar to the FreeBSD approach of building things.  Perhaps not
exactly the same, but very similar.  We have something like that
in just about every subdirectory.  ``make'' in src/usr.sbin/ will
build each program to be installed in /usr/sbin.

|Chris Costello <>
|Objects are closer than they appear.

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