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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject sendfile API
Date Mon, 01 Nov 1999 23:16:10 GMT
I'd like to see Apache 2.0 have support for the sendfile API. Here's what
I'm thinking...

Create a new feature macro, HAVE_SENDFILE that is defined for operating
systems that support a sendfile API.  The primary place where this would be
used is in the ap_send_fd() code in http_protocol.c. ap_send_fd() would look
something like this:

ap_send_fd(...) {

The parameters to ap_sendfile would be thus...

    ap_status_t     ap_send_file(ap_iol *fd, ap_file_t *fd, long size, const
char *header, long hdrlen, int flags);

    ap_iol - iol_layer pointer
    fd - the file to send
    size - the size of the file
    header  - pointer to a buffer containing the headers to be sent before
the data
    headerLen - length of the header buffer to send
    flags - to be determined (e.g., flags whether to reuse the socket or
not, etc.)

I only included a header buffer because it seems to catch all the most
common cases. We could be more generic and include an io_vec for header
information; could include an io_vec for trailers as well, but that just
seems to be overkill.

Opinions? If I don;t hear anything, I'll commit the code I have working
under Windows and we'll go from there.


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