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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: Pause to Consider
Date Wed, 24 Nov 1999 16:02:10 GMT
I'm not resisting!  I want autoconf as well.  I just think that people like
yourself who have a lot of experience should comment on what's going on so
Manoj doesn't waste his time on soemthing that we then find doesn't work etc
etc  It seems that no-one else does so we'll see what Manoj comes up with.

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From: Rasmus Lerdorf <>
To: <>
Sent: 24 November 1999 15:35
Subject: Re: Pause to Consider

> > I think we all agree that it's a huge change and one we need to be very
> > careful about how we do it.  Manoj has done some good work on laying a
> > foundation but in truth how many people can say they're 100% with him on
> > of his intentions/plans?
> Why is it a huge change?  Even if we put it in, it isn't mandatory that
> people use it.  Just like it wasn't mandatory to use the top-level
> configure script in 1.3.  You could still run src/Configure manually.
> If someone wants to maintain src/Configure and make sure it always works,
> great, go right ahead, but there are plenty of us who would much rather
> see a standard autoconf system put in place so that we all have some hope
> of actually maintaining this thing.  Let Manoj finish his stuff and get it
> in and give it a little while to mature.  If it really doesn't work it
> will be obvious and the decision to turf it will be easy.
> This reminds me of all the dicussions about cvs years ago and the
> resistance adopting cvs got.
> -Rasmus

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