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Subject Re: lame http implementation of the day
Date Sat, 20 Nov 1999 02:13:47 GMT

In a message dated 99-11-20 01:43:58 EST, you write:

> You may well have heard about akamai.  What they do is provide a bunch
>  of servers, distributed across the internet.  Through the use of DNS load
>  balancing they claim to direct clients to a server that is close to
>  them.  To do this, they make their servers act as pseudo-proxies for the
>  real origin server, even though the client knows nothing about the proxy.
>  The idea being that sites can change their image URLs to refer to one of
>  these DNS load balanced names, and magically gain from the extra 
>  their clients get.
>  So, in essence, they claim to be the wonderful caching solution of
>  the future.
>  The only little problem?  They don't support If-Modified-Since!

Or the Via: field ( and others ).

We have put the microscopes on Akamai transactions here
( traceroutes, VR, verbose log entries, etc ) and discovered
that it only works with images ( not text ) and it doesn't even
do what it says it does. In most cases we tested it actually
INCREASES the 'number of hops' as it struggles to find out
where the 'nearest server' is.

Quite amazing when you consider that some weeks back 
I think the IPO for Akamai was solely responsible for yet
another record setting day on NASDAQ.

Is Akamai the one that has Tim Berners Lee on the Board
of Directors... or was that the 'other' magic solution... Inktomi?

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.
RCTPDS Real-time online HTTP content compression server

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