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From "Mike Gardiner" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Additional project files for the Apache 1.3.9 port toNetWare 5 (Cobra)
Date Thu, 28 Oct 1999 23:26:03 GMT
Metrowerks stores the object files within the .mcp project files.  There's
supposed to be a way to remove these from within the IDE.  I've tried 
a few times with no success in getting the .mcp file size reduced.  I'm
sure this is just a bug in the Metrowerks CodeWarrior 4 IDE.  We have
a contact there and will pursue the problem.

I'll also try your idea of seeing if it makes sense to combine all of the main
project files into one single project file.

>>> 10/28/99 12:41PM >>>
I started looking at this today. It'll be next week before I have time to
finish. I have a couple of concerns. First is the size of the project files,
they are more than 10x larger than the corresponding VC++ project files.  Is
there a more compact version of the files? The second is the 5 additional
files added to the src directory. It's will be confusing to know which files
belong to which OS. Those are my concerns, sorry I don't have specific

You may want to consider combining most of the project files into one, if
that makes sense. I've wanted to investigate the possibility in the Windows
port for a while.

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From: Mike Gardiner <>
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Sent: Thursday, October 21, 1999 7:48 PM
Subject: [PATCH] Additional project files for the Apache 1.3.9 port
toNetWare 5 (Cobra)

The attached zip has all the Metrowerks project files and \SRC\OS\NETWARE
specific files needed to build Apache 1.3.9 for NetWare 5 (Cobra).

There's also a Readme.nw and a httpd.conf-dist-nw.

The zip file has preserved the directory structure to hint where these files
to be placed.



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