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From "Mike Gardiner" <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: Updated Apache 1.3.9 port to NetWare 5
Date Mon, 25 Oct 1999 22:02:33 GMT

I have made the changes as listed below.  I have also attached the following:

os.c and os.h               To be placed in the \src\os\NetWare directory
ap_config.patch           Corrects item 4 below
mod_usertrack.patch   Corrects item 2 below


>>> "Bill Stoddard" <> 10/21/99 03:25PM >>>
I just committed the patch. Here are some of my observations (in no
particular order of importance :-)

1. If you haven't already, you should checkout the Apache HTTP Server
project coding style guidelines at 
    There were quite a few places where indenting was off. I fixed a number
of them, but I'm sure I missed even more...

<<Mike>> I guess I missed some places where the style wasn't applied.
                oops...  sorry :-)

2. mod_usertrack.h, there is a line that reads #if  !defined(WIN32) ||
defined(NETWARE). This seems to go against the trend that NETWARE mirrors

<<Mike>> Your right.  Attached is the patch.

3. If this code base were not so close to being retired, we should define a
feature macro HAVE_SYS_FILE_H

<<Mike>> I agree.

4. In ap_config.h, you should consider moving the block containing #include
winsock2.h, to os/netware/os.h, like I did with the Windows code.

<<Mike>> Moved appropriate sections  to \NetWare\os.h

5. Patch failed in http_main around ap_select(). Wasn't obvious what you
were trying to do, so I didn't try to hand merge it. You should take a look
to see if it still works.

<<Mike>> Seems to work fine.

6. You added a signal_handler to http_main! We need it for WIN32 as well. A
todo for me....

<<Mike>>  OK.

7. Should consider merging NOVELL and WIN32 child_main. I did some cleanup
after you generated your patch file which brings the two closer together.

<<Mike>> I'll investigate it more.

I plan to review the patch in more detail tomorrow and probably make a few
changes as I see fit. If it's broken, post a patch.


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