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From Wil Harris <>
Subject Intro/APXS
Date Fri, 08 Oct 1999 23:02:38 GMT

 My name is Will and I work for Red Hat Software. I would like to be 
the point of contact between Red Hat and the Apache developers. 
 Ken and others have let me know that Red Hats apache-1.3.9-4.src.rpm 
as being distributed with 6.1 is broken. This causes APXS not to work 
which means things like mod_php appear to be broken even though it 
isn't mod_php, but rather our RPM. We are currently working on fixing 
this and hope to have an errata available soon. I will post it here as
soon as this is fixed. 
 I will also be going through the apache bug database to look for any 
bugs that we can fix or may have an answer to. Any bugs that our changes
may have caused will be put into our bugtracking system so that we can 
fix them. Any thing that I can do please bring it to my attention.

 Will - CLE - RHCE

Most Failure is due to giving up, not realizing how close to success you
were - Thomas Edison

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