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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Makefile suggestions?
Date Thu, 07 Oct 1999 23:14:35 GMT
getopt.c was only needed briefly 'cause ben l was using some bsd-specific
getopt extension... i don't think it's needed in the unix directory any
more.  but given that getopt.c doesn't do any syscall-type stuff it could
easily be in some shared portion of the hierarchy, it should work


On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, David Reid wrote:

> I'm sure that most of you will know more about this than me, and will be
> able to answer this easily..
> What I want to do is to setup the Makefiles in the beos directories to act
> as follows...
> a)  look for the source file in the beos directory,
> b)  if it's not there compile the one from the unix directory.
> Makefiles aren't a particular area of expertise for me, but I've got a
> solution.  It's ugly and I'm sure that someone out there will have a better,
> more elegant way of doing it.
> I'm starting by looking at the src/lib/apr/misc/beos sub directory, which
> has only 2 files,  start.c and getopt.c.  getopt.c is identical to the one
> in the unix directory so I'd like it to compile that one and remove the
> version in the beos directory.
> Hopefully this logic can be applied to some of the other OS's files as well.
> david

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