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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: Change to Error logging routines.
Date Wed, 20 Oct 1999 18:19:20 GMT

> > I do not see why we need errno, because APR uses errno under the covers
> > when it can, it just removes errno from being stored by the system as soon
> > as it possibly can.
> You should probably have a platform-dependent range defined for
> replacement error numbers (and so forth).
> Windoze and OS/2, if I remember correctly, have a standard for
> user-defined errors, and it ain't 4000-5000!

ARGH!  I didn't think to look at OS/2.  I don't really care what Windows
does with errno, because MOST of the Windows calls we are making don't set
errno anyway.  We actually have to map the return from GetLastError to an
errno #define.  Brian, want to give me some clue about how OS/2 deals with
error values?


Ryan Bloom
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