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From Spidaman The Defenestrator <>
Subject Re: Apache license and GZIP
Date Fri, 15 Oct 1999 06:47:02 GMT

Hmm, interesting.  I see the gothic scenario now.  IBM develops a
narcissistic epithet spouting AI, disowns and releases it on the net, it's
convinced it's a former big blue employee, and as the Frankenstein monster
felt betrayed by its reanimator, comes around to new-httpd to reign 
terror.  No wait, maybe it's a bot from Microsoft programmed to attack IBM
and hinder the Apache Web server project; hopefully it'll BSOD and will
have to go back for a reinstall.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
> I worked for IBM for many years. I am one of the
> authors of IBM LAN SERVER. Give it a while.
> Look around. Ask questions. Those are the only
> clues I'm going to give you.
> Kevin Kiley
> CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.

Salon Internet
  HTTP mechanic, Perl diver, Mebwaster, Some of the above
Ian Kallen <> / AIM: iankallen / Fax: (415) 354-3326 

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