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From Tony Finch <>
Subject dynamic virtual hosting
Date Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:56:55 GMT
While updating some old docs I rediscovered this bit of speculation
that I wrote in January. I haven't looked very closely at the new
module API yet, but I'm wondering whether its increased flexibility
would make something like this more elegant, or perhaps its a
candidate for EAPI abstraction. I also haven't thought much about
whether modules would get fatally confused if all the configuration
things don't happen at once and in the context of the parent.

> Ideally we'd like our virtual hosting database to be our company-wide
> centralised configuration database so that we can dispense with grotty
> perl management scripts kludged together with some string and a bit of
> glue. The requirements are rather stringent, however: the database
> must be able to answer hundreds of queries per second each within a
> few milliseconds, and scale to hundreds of thousands of records. Can
> anything do this?
> In the completely general case it would be cool to be able to store
> arbitrary configuration directives in the database so that we could
> provide different levels of service: e.g. AllowOverride if the
> customer can use .htaccess files, or Options Includes if they can use
> SSI, etc. Perhaps Apache could build a traditional internal virtual
> host configuration on the fly from the database lookup and use that as
> a cache for future requests, relying on the MaxRequestsPerChild
> setting to keep the cache fresh.
> A possible implementation strategy is to add another round to the
> module interface, and alter the virtual hosting code so that when an
> incoming request does not match an existing virtual host configuration
> the modules are given a chance to create one.
> On the other hand, perhaps I'm just speculating wildly.

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