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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Way too many Keepalive requests...?
Date Mon, 18 Oct 1999 09:50:01 GMT
Manoj Kasichainula wrote:

> > This has caused a large number of httpd processes to hang around, many
> > of them for hundreds of seconds. A netstat confirms that there are
> > established connections to real clients out there, but these clients are
> > remaining connected for ages (many many minutes).
> Do you have a short enough KeepAliveTimeout set?

The default is currently set, 15 seconds. Is this too high?

Some typical lines from /server-status look like this:

 50-0  9571   1/21/88     K   1.10 13555  2      1.3     0.14   0.38 
 99-0   26432  9/47/214    K  1.28  8843   2      27.5    0.08   0.53          
A netstat reveals that these IP addresses currently have established
connections to the webserver.

The only thing drastic thing that has changed (to my knowledge) is that
previously the bulk of the content was served by a reverse proxy
configuration, but now it's all served by Apache directly. As soon as
the reverse proxy was taken out the keepalives shot through the roof,
which is killing our webserver and causing much concern.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Broken clients? A broken server?
Is there any workaround we can try? What would be the performance
penalty of switching keepalives off?

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