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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Apache license and GZIP
Date Fri, 15 Oct 1999 05:10:06 GMT
  With this E-Mail I don't want to offend anyone about religion, but
  it was the funniest way to do what I'm going to.
  If you feel offended, mail-bomb me privately, you know my E-Mail.
  PS. The real part is at the very end of the message. :-)

<funny level="high"> wrote:
> I'll tell you exactly why... there is an issue you are as
> yet unaware of.
Enlighten me, and show me the way, my lord...

> I do not use cvs and I also do not use
> your Berkeley coding style. When your code passes
> silently through my ftp download and conversion process
> the entire source tree gets re-written automatically on the fly.
That's a marvelous piece of software, my lord, and I'm sure that you
wrote it in just 5 seconds while watching Star Trek (obviously the
original serie) from a DVD you toasted digitally remastering the
original vinyl films...

> I''m actually not even really sure what it does look like
> in its original form. It compiles perfectly here and I work
> on it in the way I choose. That's what flies my kite.
Oh... my lord, you made a mistake, you placed two apostropes after the
"I"... But, weren't you, impeccable and unable to err?

> I could send you a -diff after the auto-conversion without
> changing one line of real code but believe me...
> you Berks won't like what you see.
Yes. Us poor damned stupids will never understand your words, my lord/

> That's why I hesitate to send you a diff for things like simple
> typos. the grief I would get for that would far outweigh the
> grief I get over 'where is the patch?'.
Don't hesitate any more, my lord, show us the light, the right way to
code, that way that we searched since years to increase our dummy web
servers performances by 164%

> I have not as yet had the time to write the filter to turn
> it all back into Berkely style but perhaps I will do that
> this weekend. Still not sure you will like that -diff either.
We'll pay scribes, translators, experts in any language to understand
your writings, but we will not stop until the path you will show us will
be clear in our dumb minds...

> I will think about it. I might even be willing to re-code
> something without converting it as long as I know it
> won't be a waste of time on my part.
Don't worry, we will try to understand, show us the right way, show us
the light, show us our path, my lord.


<offended level="slightly">
Now... Getting back to reality... Dear Mr. Kevin Kiley if your intent
here is:

1) to show how good you are with all those bullshit about not using CVS
and about your "automatic FTP code converter"
2) telling us how incredibly cool you are with your RTCS not
contributing a single line of code because, as it appears from your
E-Mail wording, we are so ignorant
3) Getting free advertisement for "RemoteCommunications, Inc.", with
your 164% performance increase on RTCS (since this mailing list is
followed by so much people interested on Apache)
4) Go on like this with this kinda "flame-war" with other 72 messages
from here till the end of the week

Please shut up and get the **** out of here.

I respect and amire the people working on this mailing list, they're a
funny bunch of intelligent people from who I learnt so much in the past
two years. It's true, my biggest contribution to Apache-HTTPD were four
idiotish lines of code that (thanks god, and thanks Dirk!) have been
included in the sources. But in this two years I probably learnt best
how to work together with other, in an open source environment, on this
and on many other projects. The "Apache" name have given me the
possibility to move from Italy to USA, to work in a respected company,
and to earn my salary. All my successes are tied to this name, that I
thankfully respect and admire. And like myself there are dozens of
names, that I'm sure share my idea and my feelings now. If you want to
be accepted in this group, it is not by going around saying "I have a
164% performance increase patch, and I don't want to show it to you"
that you will, but by following our own rules, by working together, by
helping and supporting us.

I think that right now the discussion can be closed and forgot.
Pierpaolo Fumagalli - IBM Center for Java Technologies
<>   <>

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