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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: C Compiler for NT
Date Fri, 15 Oct 1999 01:00:20 GMT
David D'Antonio wrote:

> ...

Thank you very much, and thank Bill Stoddard too, who wrote that
the main difference is the optimizing (which I found to be true,
of course). Both the answers were very helpful, so I bought it.

I still didn't install it, but it is important to save money for
developers and builders of Apache under NT/Windows. Not only that
the dependency on an expensive OS (like NT server) is avoided by
using Apache, but also a cheap compiler is enough, unless you
want the strongest executable that possible to make. For example,
here in Israel the Standard Edition costs about 1/10 of the Pro,
and about 1/20 of the Studio.

Maybe the doc file
(also a part of the distribution) should be patched to include
this information (that the Standard Edition is enough to build
Apache, but not to have an optimized version). The current words
are: "Compiling Apache requires Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 to be
properly installed". In any case, please change at least the
"5.0" to "5.0 or 6.0".

Thanks again,
Eli Marmor

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