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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject C Compiler for NT
Date Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:12:38 GMT
Hi list,

I apologize in advance if it is off-topic, but I couldn't find a
better place for this question. In any case, even if it is OT, I
hope you will forgive me, at least because I already contributed
some patches (errrr... MINOR patches...) to the Apache source.

After focusing on UNIX/Linux, I want to compile my programs under
NT too, based on Apache/OpenSSL/mod_ssl/PHP/mod_dav/etc. (compiled
by me too). I want to buy a C compiler (yes, there are still
people who buy software :-), but as a newbie in Microsoft's world,
I'm a little confused by the huge choice to select from, ranging
from free compilers to $2000 compilers. Even after focusing on
Microsoft Visual series (which are recommended by Apache docs) and
ignoring the Enterprise editions, there are still some options.
What is the minimal and cheapest required to build Apache (plus
the mentioned above stuff) among the following?

1. Visual C++ Standard (a $100 compiler).
2. Visual C++ Pro (a $500 compiler).
3. Visual Studio Pro (a $1000 compiler).

In case a cheap option (let's say #1) is enough, is there anything
I may miss by choosing it?  A debugger (Nice to Have, but not
critical)?  Support for creation of DLLs?  "nmake" availability?

In some docs Visual 5.0 is mentioned. Is 6.0 good too?  (good for
building Apache, of course; I know that both versions are bad ;-)

P.S. I know that the Win32 version of Apache is considered a beta,
and mod_ssl is even considered an Alpha. You may avoid reminding
it to me...  And I also know that there are pre-compiled binaries.

Thanks in advance and sorry again,
Eli Marmor

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