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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: dynamic virtual hosting
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:37:34 GMT
Tony Finch wrote:

> While updating some old docs I rediscovered this bit of speculation
> that I wrote in January. I haven't looked very closely at the new
> module API yet, but I'm wondering whether its increased flexibility
> would make something like this more elegant, or perhaps its a
> candidate for EAPI abstraction. I also haven't thought much about
> whether modules would get fatally confused if all the configuration
> things don't happen at once and in the context of the parent.
> > Ideally we'd like our virtual hosting database to be our company-wide
> > centralised configuration database so that we can dispense with grotty
> > perl management scripts kludged together with some string and a bit of
> > glue. The requirements are rather stringent, however: the database
> > must be able to answer hundreds of queries per second each within a
> > few milliseconds, and scale to hundreds of thousands of records. Can
> > anything do this?

Perhaps abstracting the process of reading the config file from a file
on disk could be a solution, so that instead of the config being sucked
in from httpd.conf, it could be sucked in from an LDAP server (my
personal favourite) or something else.

More usefully configuration could be included via a variation on the
Include directive that would pull in information it needed from wherever
and included in a "global configuration" which would define in addition
to other things where the config came from.

Or, perhaps an extension on "VirtualHost", where you would have a config
like this:

<Virtualhost (some LDAP search filter)>
  DefaultOptionForAllServers foo
  SomeOtherDefaultOption bar

which pulls objects from an LDAP server based on the search filter, each
object containing the config for that server. Defaults for all servers
could be defined in the container as shown.

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