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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Invalid argument: setsockopt: (TCP_NODELAY)
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:07:11 GMT
Bill Jones wrote:

> What OpSys are you on?

Solaris v2.6.

> Apache.Org states -
> "Why am I getting "httpd: could not set socket option TCP_NODELAY" in my
> error log? "
> "This message almost always indicates that the client disconnected before
> Apache reached the point of calling setsockopt() for the connection. It
> shouldn't occur for more than about 1% of the requests your server handles,
> and it's advisory only in any case."
> NOTE: it's advisory only in any case...

I suppose I should have R'ed the FM.

The people around here were getting jumpy about little error messages,
and saying pagan things like "is Apache really cut out to handle this
site". Instead of trying to explain to an audience that weren't
interested in what we had to say that no other software exists other
than Apache to provide what we have, I decided to make sure nothing in
the log files would cause any alarm...

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