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From Dilip Khandekar <>
Subject [PATCH] DSO support on HP-UX 11.0
Date Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:43:41 GMT


   On HP-UX 11.0, dlopen() (and also dlclose() and dlsym()) is available
only on 64-bit OS.
For 32-bit 11.0, we still need to use shl_load() (and shl_unload() and
shl_findsym()). The shl_*
calls also work on 64-bit 11.0. Therefore, you need to update the
os/unix/os.c file to include
defined(HPUX11) as well in the three corresponding routines.

   Here is the patch against 1.3.9:


- Dilip Khandekar

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