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From "Kraaij, Reinder " <>
Subject Subject: RE: Using conn->client->fd
Date Mon, 04 Oct 1999 08:53:35 GMT
In my Chat module  i solved it this way :
I created a verry little frame, at the bottem of the screen. This Refreshes
each minute, and handels the Online ID over to the Server.
There i have a shared memory base, in which each online id is related to
several things, one of them is last refresh time.
When there has not been a refresh for 3 minutes, the online id is released.
Or they press the logout button, which kills the online id.
The plusses of this are various :
- You can return the number of online users back to the user, each minute
- You can even track users behind a proxy
to see what i mean : 
ps, be aware that it's 100% pure dutch :o)


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