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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject Various 2.0 bugs I'm looking at
Date Wed, 27 Oct 1999 06:36:31 GMT
If someone wants to fix them before I wake up, I'll be very happy.
I'm using the dexter MPM and ab to test on Linux, but I don't think
these are MPM-related.

I'm occasionally getting errors like:

[Wed Oct 27 02:21:36 1999] [warn] (9)Bad file descriptor: setsockopt: (TCP_NODELAY)
[Wed Oct 27 02:25:15 1999] [crit] [client] (9)Bad file descriptor: default_handler:
mmap failed: /home/manoj/a2/htdocs/index.html

The first error seems to come from ap_get_os_sock() not getting a
valid socket (see process_socket in dexter.c), and the second seems to
come from ap_get_os_file not geting a valid fd (http_core.c). I don't
know if the two are related. I see the first error rarely (1-5 out of
10000 connections) but still more often than the second error.

I'm guessing that this next one is from me inserting a bug during my
buff work, but I haven't found the bug yet:

[Wed Oct 27 02:25:15 1999] [error] [client] Invalid method in request <html>

Manoj Kasichainula - manojk at io dot com -

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