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From "Brian Havard" <>
Subject local/remote address in conn_rec
Date Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:34:04 GMT
Hi all,
  After gettings 2.0 to build and run on OS/2 I noticed that the access log
is showing rubbish for the client address. I traced the problem back to the
fact that the client & server address records (sa_client, sa_server) passed
to ap_new_connection() are never set.

  The question is, should we still be using sockaddr_in structures with APR?
I would think no, which would mean the conn_rec's

    struct sockaddr_in local_addr;	/* local address */
    struct sockaddr_in remote_addr;	/* remote address */

will need to change, but to what? Perhaps two ap_socket_t *'s ? That would
allow things like ap_getipaddr() & ap_get_remote_hostname() to be used on

One other thing I noticed. When using ap_accept() in the main loop the new
sockets created are allocated from the global pool (same pool as the listen
socket was allocated from) which means it will never be freed, leaking one
ap_socket_t for every connection. The only way I can see around this is to
give ap_accept a context to allocate new sockets from instead of using the
listener's context.

 |  Brian Havard                 |  "He is not the messiah!                   |
 |  |  He's a very naughty boy!" - Life of Brian |

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