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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Too much safety_lock.
Date Sun, 17 Oct 1999 16:21:13 GMT

> gid SAFETY_LOCK | grep define
lib/apr/inc/apr_macro.h:68:#define SAFETY_LOCK(funcname, namestr) \
lib/apr/inc/apr_macro.h:78:#define SAFETY_LOCK(funcname, namestr)
lib/apr/include/apr_config.h:334:#define SAFETY_LOCK(func_name, cnt, name_str) \
lib/apr/include/apr_config.h:343:#define SAFETY_LOCK(func_name, cnt)
lib/apr/include/ SAFETY_LOCK(func_name, cnt, name_str) \
lib/apr/include/ SAFETY_LOCK(func_name, cnt)

gcc -ggdb3 -Wall -DALLOC_DEBUG -DPOOL_DEBUG  -funsigned-char -c -I../../inc -I../../include
-I. dir.c
In file included from dir.c:61:
../../inc/apr_macro.h:76: warning: `SAFETY_LOCK' redefined
../../include/apr_config.h:341: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

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