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From Wilfredo Sanchez <>
Subject Re: RE: Apache license and GZIP
Date Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:45:08 GMT
| > Heh.  This isn't the lottery.
| Not quite sure what that comment is all about. What we are trying  
to do here
| is see how we can release our code with Apache. I don't care if  
you don't
| want to go faster, however last time I checked bandwidth is not free. 


  You expend more bandwidth repeating yourselves here than your  
compression trick saves.  It's ironic.  And you say bandwidth isn't  

  Please don't assume you know what I want.  You clearly don't.  My  
point was that talking about maybe thinking about the possibility of  
giving us code is a waste of our time.  "Do or do not.  There is no  
let's-talk-about-maybe-thinking-about-doing."  Send the patch, or  
continue about your business.  Others have said the same thing.   
Which part don't you understand?

| > Zlib is not under the GPL's terms.  The Zlib copyright is quite
| reasonable.  I don't think that's an issue.
| Why don't you think it's an issue. Zlib is under the GNU public  
| Apache has it's own APL license, they are both different. The  
question is
| can we release GNU public code inside Apache? (Note this debate  
has been
| discussed before on this forum with many different opinions)

  Did you read my mail (you quoted it), or do you just like to  
argue?  Zlib is not under the GPL, therefore it is not an issue.


       Wilfredo Sanchez,
Apple Computer, Inc., Core Operating Systems / BSD
          Technical Lead, Darwin Project
   1 Infinite Loop, 302-4K, Cupertino, CA 95014

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