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From "Bill Jones" <>
Subject Re: Apache 164 percent speed increase
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 11:14:56 GMT
(Followed this thread for awhile...)

> 'You can come quietly... or you can make it hard on yourself...
> which do you choose?'

I have to choose the hard way  :)

All of my testing - albeit a year ago - says real time compression
'slows the server down' - considerably.  And Yes, I actually can get
my solution to work with MacOS and Unix (not just on Windows); scary huh?

Until clients get 'universally' faster - not just those special cases
where some people have to have 600MHz with cable modems at home -
I will always decide against using 'real-time' compression in my
business environment. (I haven't seen any benefit with file sizes
larger than 5MB and compressing a bunch of smaller files on the
fly really does not work out too well - not on an Ultra 1 anyways -
maybe when I get my E10k then we can look at it again then
(w/4 400MHz UltraSparcs who couldn't do it in real time? :)

You 'might' be able to compress data at the httpd request, but the
client decompressing it is gonna hate you - especially those that
are already over burdened with more important things -
like playing 'Tribes'...

my $bits = 2; #worth...
-Sneex-  :]
(2 bits is 25 cents... Inflation - who knew?)

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