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From Jayaram A <>
Subject [PATCH] : Fixes from NCR MP-RAS Apache porting team.
Date Wed, 06 Oct 1999 11:25:34 GMT

Ladies and gentlemen,

Enclosed are changes (patches) for the Apache Web Server 1.3.4.
NCR intends to release a port of Apache on its NCR
UNIX SVR4 MP-RAS operating system soon.

The changes are based on perceived differences
between the HTTP 1.1 specification and the Apache
1.3.4 implementation and also based on the contradictory
behavior with respect to apache 1.3.4 documentation.

Please review these and inform us of your decisions
regarding their inclusion.

NCR intends to use the name "apache web server"
in product information and the MP-RAS packaging
files.  Per previous correspondence, submission of
our changes is required before will issue
the appropriate written permission to use the name.

In the event that any of these changes are rejected,
must they be backed out?

Here is the brief description of problems for which 
the patches can be found in attachments:

    The request, "ABCD /index.html HTTP/1.1", does NOT result in 
    "501 (Method Not Implemented)" response due to invalid array
    index access (Segmentation Violation).
    patch for the above problem.

    The directive: AddIcon (alt_txt_for_dir,/icons/folder.gif) ^^DIRECTORY^^
    does not set the  ALT to "alt_txt_for_dir" string in the generated HTML,
    due to hard coding.
    patch for the above problem.

    UnSetEnv directive does not work in server config context.
    patch for the above problem. (This fixes PR#4856)

Thanks, and regards,
(For NCR MP-RAS Apache porting team)

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