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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/time/unix access.c
Date Sat, 02 Oct 1999 16:08:21 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> "Ralf S. Engelschall" wrote:

> [...]
>> Ah, there it is - I expected your complain, Ben.
>> 1. I looked carefully at the type-mismatch problem, doubt me. But the only
>>    non-cast solution IMHO would be to change parts of the API and the change
>>    would here leaded to a "password" to be "unsigned char *", so I decided
>>    that it's better to not do this and keep the "eval casts" you like so much.
> Grrk. This signed/unsigned char stuff really irritates me! We should use
> C++.
> [...]

Yes, although I accept casts in those situations more easily than you, I have
to admit that they nevertheless bother me, too. ANSI C is really a little bit
too weak when it comes to those things, but we've to live with this... :-(

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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