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From "Henrik Vendelbo" <>
Subject MMAP Performance (Was: MMAP support for APR)
Date Mon, 18 Oct 1999 00:17:12 GMT

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Ryan Bloom <>
> I think if you review the conversation, you will find that this API has
> been well researched, and well thought out.  I think the initial problem......

> I do not see APR implementing anything like MMAP on a platform that does 
> not support it natively.  Especially not in version 1.0.  The overriding
> mantra of APR has been "Keep it simple" (well, as far as what we are
> putting in).  Maybe in the future, we will look for ways to implement
> MMAP'in on platforms that don't have it natively.

That sounds like a good aproach, since most implementations in the camp of do-it-all yourself
has been pretty bulky.

Yet I still believe that single function API's may be very flexible, but they tend to perform
badly. Since MMAP is very
much a performance API, the inherent performance due to the API structure should be taken
into consideration. So 
far I have only seen one read and one write API function mentioned, so I gather that those
are the ones intended. If 
this is indeed the case, I suggest that we expand the API; Especially when it comes to traversing
etc. If the MMAP is
to be accessed using normal memory acces, I have no valid suggestions.


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