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From "Henrik Vendelbo" <>
Subject Re: Guidance needed
Date Sun, 17 Oct 1999 13:20:27 GMT
> From: Ryan Bloom <>
> well.  The 2.0 tree compiles most days on Unix, but there aren't as many
> Windows developers looking at that part of the tree, so it lags a bit
> behind the other ports.
> As far as who is cooridinating the effort, that isn't the way Apache tends
> to work.  We are group of volunteers who do what they are interested on
> in their own time.  Nobody steps up to coordinate the effort, until just
> before we ship a release.  Then, the person who does step up, is only
> responsible for getting that release out the door.

But there are those who have write access, and those who don't (no pun). So if 
you don't like me, then I guess you find somebody also working with the same 
stuff that you want to work on and exchange patches with them.

> There is no one over-riding voice leading us in one direction.  There are
> a group of voices, suggesting the correct direction to head.


> I don't believe the source is as far behind as you do.  You happen to have
> come in at a bad time, when I was trying to move around a lot of function
> parameters, and that broke the code on platforms that I was unable to test

I'm just lacking a mental picture of the status, that's all.

> on.  Apache 2.0 is NOT production quality, and it is missing a lot of
> features that 1.3 has already.

Well, that's development.... :-)

> My own suggestion, is that if all you want is to learn the code, use 1.3.
> If you want to help with the current code base, use 2.0

I'll stick to 2.0, and help out where I can.

I'm just trying to figure out what is the current focus, and which part are almost done.
It seems that APR is the current focus, nes pas ?


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