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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Flexability for APR
Date Fri, 08 Oct 1999 10:50:49 GMT
Attached are 2 small patches that alter the way that APR is configured.

The aim is to allow for a platform to define it's OSDIR but then not have
one present for a particular module.  The first example of this will
probably be the removal of the file_io/beos and time/beos directories.  At
present these both simply have a that points at the Unix
directory, which seems like a lame way of doing this.

The patch defines a DEFAULT_OSDIR which is used if no OSDIR is present.
Essentially it loops through the modules to be included and if there is an
OSDIR uses that, if not it uses the DEFAULT_OSDIR.  The aim is to allow for
maximum common code use, which should lead to fewer maintenance headaches.

Why?  If you look at various platforms they are able to use the majority of
the Unix code but need to define their own routines for one or two modules
as they are totally different.  They should be able to simply add their own
directories for those modules that require them.  These patches enable that
with a minimum of fuss.

Again, I'm sure that people will jump in with problems and suggestions, but
that's OK as I'm learning more about this stuff as I go and welcome any and
all feedback.


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