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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Change to Error logging routines.
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 15:22:29 GMT
> In the OS/2 header files there's a constant ERROR_USER_DEFINED_BASE (set
> 0xFF00) which all system error codes are less than. I'm not sure what you
> guys are getting at though, I can't see what use it would be for APR
> functions to return system error codes as nothing would understand them.
The idea is to place APR (i.e. user specific) error codes in the user range
on each OS. This would mean, for example, that APR_SUCCESS would have a
different numerical value, depending on the OS. Or saying it another way,
the APR error codes would be offset, in an OS specific way, to put them in
the user error code space suitable for that OS.  It is important to keep the
system error codes because in general, it is impossible to map all possible
system error codes to APR codes with out loosing information. The
ap_log_error function will have the smarts, based on the error number, to
determine if the error is an APR status or a system status and do the right


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