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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: MMAP support for APR
Date Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:33:31 GMT
Yep, that sounds good.  In some ways it would be nice just to drop Ralf's
library in, but I'm not sure how well it supports all the platforms we'll
need to address (no doubt Ralf will advise on that :-)).

However, even if we do simply use Ralf's library we still need to agree what
the interface will look like from APR.

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From: Jim Jagielski <>
To: <>
Sent: 14 October 1999 20:13
Subject: Re: MMAP support for APR

> David Reid wrote:
> >
> > How individual platforms implement the functions is up to them.  If they
> > don't have mmap but have something that can provide the functionality
> > they simply have to write the code.
> >
> > Perhaps we should try and arrive at a definition of what we want to
> > with the mmap code?
> >
> That's key, I think. A generic shared memory interface that does not
> "depend" on any specific mmap/shmget-type characteristics. Each
> implementation is different and using one as the "guide" immediately
> causes the other to be "left behind". Instead, we should focus on
> what we need and what we'll be using it for. In that case, we could
> use some of the ideas that Ralf came up with and adjust them to
> fit our needs.
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