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From "Henrik Vendelbo" <>
Subject _getch (Win32)
Date Sat, 16 Oct 1999 21:50:46 GMT
> > It's still the compiler stating that the function has not been properly  
> >declared. In C++ that is an error. In C it's a warning. But it's
> >significant  though. Some other time it might be a function that returns  
> >something else but int. If the returned value is passed on the stack the
> >byteorder could very well screw up the value.
> I assume you are talking about _getch here.  The best thing I can
> recommend, is looking at the help files for _getch.  I know it is declared
> in a header file provided with Windows.  I do not have VC5.0 at home, or I
> could do this this weekend.  I tend to think, that we have an #ifdef HAVE_FOO_H

In general.h I see :

#ifdef WIN32
#include "apr_win.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include "apr_config.h"

should we use the Win32 api conio.h to get _getch in there ?
is it just a bad choice of function. stdio.h includes getchar(). Don't they behave the same
way ?

> > 
> > I have another compile-error :
> > proc.c
> This was a problem that was caused due to merging a bunch of code.  I have
> fixed this.

Which are the correct ones, those with const char* ?


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