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Subject Re: Apache license and GZIP
Date Fri, 15 Oct 1999 04:00:23 GMT

In a message dated 99-10-15 03:10:02 EDT, you write:

> You have proven beyond any reasonable doubt
>  that your presence on this list is a detriment to our common goal of
>  producing Apache.You will not continue this discussion

You obviously have not read ALL of the messages from ALL
of your members. Some of them were VERY productive
and directly on-topic.

I would hate to see it all end before there was a consensus
about whether even the idea of including ZLIB directly in the
Apache code will ever be possible because that insight
would be good to have... and not just for what we do.

I have no idea why any discussion of  data compression
turns into such a painful thing for people 
who call themselves programmers and who worry about
CPU cycles moreso than normal folk... but that's the 
way it gets sometimes. 

Does your threat of banishment mean that the unsolicited
private invitation from 2 high level members of the Apache
Group ( who shall remain nameless out of courtesy given the
volatile atmosphere ) to attend the Orlando conference and
talk about how it is posible to increase the speed of Apache
by upwards of 170 percent is withdrawn? 

We were starting to think about going. It would be nice
to talk about this face to face for once since it looks
like email has obvious limitations on productivity.

You are the last person here I would want to piss off, Roy.
If anything does start to happen with real-time compression
in Apache my impression is that you are one of the only ones
besides Koen who will know how to pull it off given the varied
and numereous 'protocol adherence' issues.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote

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