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Subject Re: Apache 164 percent speed increase
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 04:36:49 GMT
In a message dated 99-10-13 04:10:33 EDT, you write:

> Andreas Koenig's GzipChain has been doing exactly that since November 1997.
> It works with Apache and mod_perl.

I have seen it. Heart was in the right place but it
doesn't cut the mustard. It's an absolute DOG
and just supplies a good example of how NOT
to go about it.

Have you seen the statistics when it is running?
Very, very BAD. It is also quite feature limited
and I do not believe it achieves current RFC 
adherence in any way.

It was simply a 'nice try'.


Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote
RCTPDS real-time online compression server

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