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From "Mike Gardiner" <>
Subject Apache 1.3.9 port to NetWare 5
Date Fri, 01 Oct 1999 04:07:46 GMT
Attached is a zip containing the diffs of the Apache 1.3.9 port to NetWare 5.

Here's some information about the port:

1.  It follows the WIN32 port since NetWare only has threads and no processes.
2.  It uses Winsock since it is available beginning with NetWare 5.
3.  It has SSL support built into the main code since Winsock on NetWare
     supports SSL.  This is accomplished with only 3 winsock function calls.
     One to create the socket and then two ioctl calls.
4.  NetWare currently doesn't have pipes but this is being implemented now 
     and will be available soon.
5.  By default Apache will run in ring 0 (kernel mode) but will also run in protected
     (ring 3) address space by specifying "LOAD PROTECTED" at the console.
6.  The port was done with the Metrowerks Codewarrior 4 compiler.

I anxiously yet patiently await your feedback...

Thanks in advance.

Mike Gardiner

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