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From Vadim Zaliva <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_proxy suppressing headers
Date Sat, 11 Sep 1999 09:04:31 GMT
On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Life is hard, and then you die. wrote:

> You might also want to look at the patches in the message
> <> (from July 8th).
> Two problems with your patch are that it ignores r->err_header_out
> and it's missing the ftp part. Other than that somebody more
> intimately familiar with mod_proxy should comment.
>   Cheers,
>   Ronald


Thank you for your comments. I've added headers merging for ftp. New patch
is attached.

I've also looked at your patch and I am not completely agree with your
handling of err_header_out. You are adding them too late, and they might
not get affected by some headers manipulations in code above, such as
adding 'Via' header. 

Also I am not sure if 3XX codes should be treated as errors.

I've added my variant of handling for r->err_header_out to included patch.


P.S. I am very interested in making this patch working and included in the
main code tree, and I will listen carefully to all criticism and will
correct all problems reported.

;; Vadim Zaliva                     + Those who do not understand Unix  +
;;        + are condemned to reinvent it,     +
;;         + poorly.          (H. Spencer)     +

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