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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src/modules/standard mod_asis.c mod_autoindex.c mod_log_config.c mod_negotiation.c
Date Wed, 08 Sep 1999 14:13:39 GMT

I am sending this message because I know some people don't watch the cvs commit

I have just committed a HUGE change, that will break most of the MPM's.  
This unfortunately couldn't be helped.  Basically, Apache 1.3 used a group
of functions to open files/sockets inside of pools.  These were not portable
functions at all, and they needed to be removed.  These functions have been
living in APR recently, which is in turn causing APR to not build on Windows.

Paul Reder and I spent the last few days removing all of these calls, and 
replacing them with the portable APR equivalents.  I was able to serve pages
with both mpmt_pthread and prefork mpm's with this change.  I did not convert
any of the other MPM's to have these changes, so they will most likely not work
properly.  I am very soory for this inconvenience, but MPM's are not hard to
modify for this change, and it had to be done at some point.  I suggest 
anybody working on specific MPM's refer to the two I changed as a reference.

I will be removing the ap_popenf type calls from APR later today.  This should
allow APR to build on Windows again.  :)


>   Log:
>   Remove all of the calls to functions like "ap_popenf".  These functions were
>   moved down to APR, but they are being removed.  They are not portable, and
>   were only moved down for backwards compatability.  With this change, they can
>   be safely removed, which is the next commit on it's way.
>   Submitted by:  Ryan Bloom and Paul Reder

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