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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: 'Range: bytes=' request with starting byte greater than size of f ile
Date Wed, 15 Sep 1999 23:33:51 GMT
On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Life is hard, and then you die. wrote:

> RFC-2616 is the current spec. Section 14.16 states:

yeah, i know -- my only concern is that there are existing clients which
implement byte ranges and i'd hate to do something which they don't
support, so i'd rather read rfc2068.

> Umm, ranges are independant of etag and last-modified. They are quite
> useful in restarting aborted responses. This seems to me at least as
> important as the update scenario.

if the object returned is uncacheable you can't restart an aborted
response.  the objects you're talking about are typically uncacheable. 
hence i don't see the point. 


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