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From Ben Laurie <>
Date Tue, 07 Sep 1999 22:20:36 GMT
"Roy T. Fielding" wrote:
> >> Hmmm, a more general solution would be to add a
> >>
> >>   #define APACHE_GENERATION 2
> >>
> >> at the top of each updated module, and then check for it in one of the
> >> required module includes.  That way we could print out a nice error
> >> message that says the source is incompatible and where to find
> >> information on updates.
> >
> >look in http_config.h:
> >
> >#define STANDARD_MODULE_STUFF   this_module_needs_to_be_ported_to_apache_2_0
> By more general solution, I meant something that wasn't tied to a specific
> version of the server. I'd hate to have to explain that change within
> a book on module programming.  We should implement something that can
> anticipate the next time we need to force a compile error.

I'm with Dean on this one: anticipating all the compile errors you may
want to force is a) hopeless, and b) a waste of time. But then, I'm an
ignorant slut. What do I know?




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